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    1. Our members are known to show respect to all players while in-game, on the forums, and over other social media.
    2. Our members play smart and are courteous to their fellow team members during gameplay. As everyone’s time is limited, we do not intentionally act in a manner that is detrimental to our team’s success – no blocking, trolling, suiciding or intentionally AFKing.
    3. Our members should respect the dignity of other players in chat. Friendly ribbing aside, we do not tolerate derision and mockery of fellow clan members.
    4. Our members should refrain from spamming over Discord or in-game chat. Likewise, our players do not maliciously disrupt other clan events on Discord.
    5. We pride ourselves on being a cerebral group of players – thus, think before you talk, type, and post. All of us are ambassadors and a reflection of our clan family. We tend to avoid disrespect, rudeness, cruelty or hatred. Likewise, we are mindful of our diverse audience and refrain from the posting of NSFW material. Racism is not tolerated in our clan family.
    6. We try to moderate our use of foul language – bouts of rage understandably happen although we try to limit these outbursts when possible.
    7. Should disputes arise between a clan member and a member from an outside clan, share the issue with an officer. Within our clan family, try to resolve the issue civilly over PM. If both members are unable to put an end to this disagreement, an officer will become involved and action will be taken.

    We respectfully remind non-clan family members that they are guests on our server and ask that they abide by the code of conduct listed above. Failure to do so will result in an immediate dismissal or ban

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