Pierce & Pierce [DRS1A]

DRS1A is made up of a talented group of tankers with just the right amount of competitiveness and levity. Ask yourself the following - Is evil something you are or is it something you do? If you're feeling lethal, on the verge of frenzy, and your mask of sanity is about to slip, then [DRS1A] Pierce & Pierce is just the clan for you. DRS1A is currently looking for active players with a WR 53+% and 6000 games played. Regular discord use is a must. Exceptions made at the discretion of officers within the clan.

• Hyper_Piper
Deputy Leads:
• R_o_d_r_i_c_k
• Craig_McDermott
• IornKevin
• Teku_steven
• 1964 ColdWar
• Maso1234567890
• Nazroth_1

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